Social Media Case Study : Orkney Library on Twitter

Social Media : some would say it’s all just cat videos, silly memes, and pointless trivia.  Things that no self respecting public service would dream of resorting to – especially a small community Library in Orkney.

But there’s a lot to be said about the ‘power of fun’ as part of a social media strategy.  After all – the things people tend to like, comment or share, are usually the things that make them laugh..  bonus points if they learn something too!

Orkney Libraries is one of our favourite organisations on Twitter right now…  standing out from their peers (who all want to copy them, but are scared of the consequences) like the cool kid at school, with the funny one liners and crazy stories, but whom you know is super clever and talented to boot.

We asked them for a short summary of their Twitter account – what they did and why they did it.  Here’s the feedback they very kindly provided:

Orkney Library on Twitter

Our goal is to extend the library and archive community. We use our social media to chat to library users all over the world.  Simply put we have a population of around 21,000 people in Orkney (and not all of them are library users)  – our twitter feed has a following of 36,000 and that’s why we do it.

It’s now the only way to put across information on services to a generation that has grown up on their smart phones but we try and mix those information posts with good humour, photographs which give a flavour of Orkney, a feeling for the library content and an idea of our own personalities.  The humour brings them in – and then we get the important information across.

We’ve learned that folk like regular posts – #BookFace on a Thursday night, #NicheBookMonday, and the ‘balls report‘ on a Saturday.  Having regular posts that people look out for make them feel part of the team and it gives us something easy to pull together and have in the bag on a ‘slow’ news day.

It’ s also important to keep an eye on what’s trending on twitter and see where you can fit things in around that.  We also like to tag as many famous folk as we possibly can and hope that they join in too! – They occasionally do!

Another thing we’ve learnt is that folk like a fight and our (friendly) banter with our northern neighbours always draws a crowd!

Make sure you follow @OrkneyLibrary on Twitter – you’ll be laughing out loud (for all the right reasons) as a result – and that’s ok…  even in a library.

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