Social Media Case Study: Diarmid McBride on LinkedIn

For most businesses, the true value of LinkedIn will come from the staff within the organisation – not the Brand itself through their LinkedIn Business Page. LinkedIn is a Social Network, and the effort that people go to with regard developing their social (Professional) networks will have a direct impact on how successful the platform is at helping them achieve professional goals – both personally, and for the organisation as a whole.

This case study (and others to follow in the weeks ahead) are from key influencers making LinkedIn “work” for them.  Their words and advice should give a flavour of what the individuals do on LinkedIn, the efforts required, and the results achieved.

Diarmid McBride

Diarmid is the Founder and Managing Director of MindWalk Consulting Ltd, a business established less than a year ago following his departure from a successful career in HR at senior level.  MindWalk specialise in Leadership Coaching, supporting businesses through their people and increased employee engagement.

He is connected to 795 people on LinkedIn, and has an SSI score of 68 (top 20% of his network) – impressive numbers given how recently he kick started his LinkedIn journey.

As a coach & business consultant, I took the view just over a year ago that LinkedIn was the best medium  to position “Brand Me”!

I’m a relationship builder by nature rather than a random connector (and sadly there are loads of those) and find that that’s the way to maximise the opportunities that LinkedIn can provide. The last thing I do is SELL. The first thing I do is ENGAGE. That starts to build RELATIONSHIPS. I’m a great believer that personality matters – of course being good at what you do is absolutely fundamental – but people do tend to buy from people!

People tend to engage with LinkedIn posts when you show something of yourself. What makes you different? What would it be like to work with you? Being “human” on LinkedIn can be a brave thing for some but for me it’s really important.  I’m Diarmid, MD of MindWalk Consulting but first and foremost, I’m Diarmid and it’s me that will build the relationships.  Through MindWalk I provide value added services that make a difference, however clients will be working with ME.

In terms of effort – I’d say I’m on LinkedIn every day for around 30 minutes in total and I try to do an original post once or twice every week.  It does take time, effort and commitment however, but then as I say to clients, “You only get out what you put in”.

Diarmid’s top LinkedIn Tip – BE ACTIVE!
Be visible and engage your audience, ask questions, be open to comment and opinion…..and respond! That’s when you’ll make LinkedIn work for you!

Watch this space for a few more LinkedIn case studies over the next few weeks…

Note: these case studies refer to an SSI (Social Selling Index) score. This is a measure of how effective any individual is at establishing a professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. It is updated daily, and is a good comparative score to help benchmark individuals on LinkedIn against each other (and indeed against their own network and industry as a whole). SSI scores are private, revealed only to the individual directly
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