Social Media Advent Calendar

24 social media tips for business. Rollover the squares below, and open the doors of the calendar by clicking on the numbers!

Have fun – and Embrace the Space!

Social Media Business Tip 1. Stop Selling. Start Talking.
Social Media for business is simple. The clue is in the title: “SOCIAL media”. Not “sell/spam/annoy/advertise to me media”
Social Media Business Tip 2. Are you adding value? Or just adding Noise?
Ask yourself this: “If I was the customer.. would I honestly want to click like?” If not, it’s probably more social noise
Social Media Business Tip 3. Post Content at the right time.
Increase your ‘reach’ by posting at the right time. The same time your audience is actually online.
Social Media Business Tip 4.Images with Everything.
Good luck getting noticed if you’re posting just plain text. Bring your messages to life with images, illustrations and infographics.
Social Media Business Tip 5. Make someone smile 🙂
You don’t need to post “cat videos” or tell jokes… but do try and make your customers smile. They’ll love you for it, and your reach will be higher.
Social Media Business Tip 6.
Consider Paid Social Media.
Many businesses refuse to consider paying Facebook or Twitter. Don’t dismiss good usage of Paid Social Media (boosted posts etc) if you need to reach a bigger audience. Used properly – it works!
Social Media Business Tip 7.
Respond to Positive & Negative
Remember you’ll be judged on ‘how’ you respond to complaints. But make sure you also reply to positive comments too!
Social Media Business Tip 8.
Make the Customer the Star.
You don’t need to tell people how good you are. Let your customers do it for you. Make them the star of your social media campaign by using case studies, video interviews, tagging, and testimonials.
Social Media Business Tip 9.
Show behind the scenes
Don’t just show the finished product – open up your business and take customers behind the scenes. Show them what goes on in the background and build trust by humanising your brand.
Social Media Business Tip 10.
Use Hashtags correctly
Use relevant #Hashtags to help reinforce your message, and to enable new audiences to find your valuable content – Yes, they work on Facebook too! #SocialMedia
Social Media Business Tip 11.
Choose your Social Platforms carefully
Your business don’t need to jump on every new social network. Just pick the 1 or 2 platforms which your audience use the most and learn to use them effectively!
Social Media Business Tip 12.
Use a Social Media Dashboard
Smart social media managers use tools like Hootsuite to help manage multiple accounts. Take advantage of easier social listening, increased efficiency and simpler day to day engagement.
Social Media Business Tip 13.
Master the art of Social Listening
Some call it ‘being nosey’, while others say it’s ‘business intelligence’. Don’t forget how brilliant social media can be for research purposes and insight into your audience. Learn how to listen.
Social Media Business Tip 14.
Don’t Tell. Ask.
Ask questions, seek feedback, and ensure a 2-way discussion. Don’t just tell people your ideas, include them in the process. The more your audience feel part of the conversation, the more they’ll contribute.
Social Media Business Tip 15.
Trust your Staff and Involve them.
Turn every member of staff into a Brand advocate. Share the Social Media resource, by trusting them to help. Social should be a team effort..
Social Media Business Tip 16.
Personalise your LinkedIn requests.
When making connections on LinkedIn, don’t just send people the default message – personalise it, and tell them WHY you want to connect. More people will say yes.
Social Media Business Tip 17.
Improve your Social Media Bio(s).
Just by reading your short Bio, potential customers should be able to determine who you are, what you do, and why they should care. Improve your Bio(s) today!
Social Media Business Tip 18.
Promote your People.
Staff birthdays, Christmas jumper day, the team night out – all of these make excellent opportunities to feature the people in your organisation. Customers buy from people – let them get to know your team a little bit more. .
Social Media Business Tip 19.
Never apologise with a “cut n paste” response.
Sometimes we need to say sorry. When you do – try and actually mean it. A “canned response” on social media sent to a dozen people is a sure-fire way to get an angry customer even angrier.
Social Media Business Tip 20.
Don’t do anything Stupid.
“Don’t do anything stupid” used to be the opening line of the BBC’s social media policy for their staff. And what great advice it was too. Make sure you have a policy which reminds staff of the dangers, but which also promote the benefits and encourages a culture of positive good social media usage and customer engagement.
Social Media Business Tip 21.
Be nice. Be great. Be remembered.
It’s easy to be remembered for all the wrong reasons on social media. Genuinely be nice to people. Go above and beyond in your customer service. You’ll be remembered (and talked about) for all the right reasons.
Social Media Business Tip 22.
Make more (live) videos!
Video content is HOT right now! All the platforms want your video, and will nearly always show it to more of your audience, especially LIVE video! #GoLive #FacebookLive #Instagramlive – Instead of a static photo – could you use video in your next post? Give it a try!
Social Media Business Tip 23.
Invest in some Social Media Training
Social Media is always changing. New platforms, new features on existing platforms, new ways to reach your audience. Invest in yourself in 2017 and come along to an one day masterclass. 100% of all previous attendees have said it was worth the money. (at booking, use “socialadvent” for a huge 40% discount)
Social Media Business Tip 24.
Stop Talking to the World. The World doesn’t care.
Very few businesses sell their products and services to everyone. Define your key audiences, segment them even further, and super-serve each of them. Talk to them directly and speak their language. Merry Christmas everyone – we’ll see you all in 2017 🙂

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