SMEs powering growth amongst cloud providers

Nearly half of all cloud computing providers expect that the small business sector will lead on the take-up of their services within the next year. This is important knowledge for any organisation offering business internet solutions.

According to a survey by OnApp, a cloud platform provider, 27% of respondents expect organisations from the enterprise sector to be their main clients over the same time period, whilst just 18% think that consumers will lead the way in the take-up of cloud computing services.

The study also demonstrated that the strongest uptake of cloud services by businesses is expected from web and application developers. A total of 67% of cloud providers say that this sector of industry will drive the biggest growth in business for them.

Meanwhile, 42% of those questioned expected to see the biggest growth from the IT sector in general, 39% from financial services and 30% from retail customers.

Those small businesses that were questioned said that they would adopt cloud computing services because they would allow them to scale their IT services on demand whilst not having to run their own IT infrastructure.

Ditlev Bredahl, OnApp’ss CEO, said: “Based on cloud adoption rates, our survey shows that cloud computing is most accessible to technical users right now. Adoption is being driven by small and medium sized businesses focused on application and web development. This makes sense, since sandboxed development, web development and testing are very well suited to a cloud environment.”

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