Why small businesses should be nice on social media

Small businesses should be nice on social mediaSmall businesses should be nice on social media. It’s common sense – if you’re nice to someone, they’ll return the favour and perhaps even move to the next stage in the sales funnel.

So, it seems odd that many companies forget this simple rule. Make sure you’re not one of them, by exploring our reasons why small businesses should be nice on social media.

We’ll even give you some tips on how to show your warm and fuzzy side in a completely professional way – result!

Why does this matter?

Like we said, being nice on social media is just common sense. However, Facebook’s acquisition of the new tbh app, suggests that our social media overlords think being honest and nice is something that’s lacking on their existing platforms.

For those who aren’t in the know, ‘tbh’ stands for ‘to be honest’, and the app is designed to encourage people to be nicer to each other. Users vote on a series of pre-set (and positive) questions, e.g. ‘who has the best smile?’ and ‘who makes you laugh the most?’. If someone votes for you, you’ll receive a notification and collect ‘gems’ from the app.

Its developers have managed to create a popular, anonymous app without any trolling or harassment – impressive, right?

What we can learn from ‘tbh’ and why small businesses should be nice on social media?

Small businesses can learn a lot from this app.

We all know that the internet can be a dark and (sometimes) dangerous place, so we need to recognise that our customers are seeking clarity, light and a safe spot to find what they need. Small businesses need to provide that safe-haven.

Honesty is the best policy and a good place to start – and the tbh app is all about that! If you’re honest with your customers from the outset, you’re much less likely to have disgruntled clients to deal with if a mishap occurs.

A positive outlook is also important. The tbh app only includes complimentary, encouraging questions, and you should try to incorporate the same positivity in your social media posts. After all, no one enjoys reading grumpy tweets!

Another reason small businesses should be nice on social media is that it helps them build a loyal following. An honest, friendly online persona can help grow trust, as well as create an engaging and approachable brand image.

This will make followers more receptive to what you’re saying (including the odd sales post), and encourage them to share your content and increase your brand’s reach.

Also, being nice costs nothing, so why not just give it a go?

5 ways to be nice on social media

So, small businesses should be nice on social media, but how do they go about it? Well, it depends on the situation, but here are some simple tips:

  1. Use your contact’s first name – A name adds a personal touch, but don’t overdo it – it can become creepy, or irritating!
  2. Don’t bombard your audience with posts – A couple of posts is all that’s needed to give a taste of your brand. Users will find you if they want to know more.
  3. Respond quicklyGet in touch straight away following any enquiries, with a helpful and friendly post.
  4. Talk about your audience – Don’t be one of those friends who only thinks of themselves. Explain how your post might benefit the reader.
  5. Remember to say please and thank you – Manners really can go a long way!

So, that’s your crash-course on why small businesses should be nice on social media. Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two that can help you impress your followers next time.

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