Should your business invest in video content?

video contentWith content marketing now a common practice – the latest figures suggest over 80% of businesses are creating marketing content – it’s getting more important to stand out and get noticed. One way to do that is through video.

According to the stats, online video consumption is growing rapidly, and now one in three people view at least one online video a week. So should your business be investing in video content?

Why use video content?

Reach new demographics

Video can help you reach audiences that TV can’t – for example, millennials are especially fond of online video content, watching more content on the web than on television. With that in mind, if you’re trying to reach a younger audience, video could be the ideal content marketing channel for your business.

Improve the perception of your business

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and according to Forrester’s research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. However many words it’s worth, there’s no denying that video can capture emotions where copy sometimes fails (think of the John Lewis and Sainsbury’s Christmas adverts going viral now). As a result, research by Axonn found that seven out of 10 people view brands in a more positive light after viewing their video content.

It’s easier than ever before

Not ready for full-on Hollywood blockbusters? Why not dip your toe into video content by trying social video? Channels like Vine, Instagram video and Periscope allow businesses to create online video quickly, easily and cheaply – no production crew required. With phones now capable of filming in high definition, there’s no excuse not to give video content a try.

Getting started

Planning to start creating online video content? Here are some pointers to keep in mind…

Focus on quality not quantity

Video can do a lot for your business, but quality is paramount. Good sound is vital and it’s better to go shorter than longer, as people lose interest quickly. The average length of a video on YouTube is less than three minutes.

What’s the aim of your video content?

Not every business will be suited to video. Think carefully about what you want your video to achieve before getting started. Is it for attracting new customers, or demonstrating your expertise to prospects? Being clear on the objectives also helps you to measure the success of your video more easily.

Plan how you’ll distribute your video content

How will people find your masterpiece once it’s created? Before you start, work out how you’ll get your video seen by the right people. If you decide to share your video on Facebook, for example, you can make sure that you’re creating something with the right specifications. An integrated content marketing campaign, working in tandem with your email marketing, social media and online advertising is likely to prove most effective.


Video content marketing can be extremely powerful, but it pays to invest in quality content and plan the objectives beforehand. If you’d like help planning content marketing, including video production, please get in touch with our expert team today.

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