Reducing your website bounce rate

Bounce rateKeeping website visitors on your site for as long as possible is not only important for increasing sales, but it also help improve your search engine rankings. ‘Bounce rates’, the percentage of users who leave your website shortly after arriving, are now used by search engines to ascertain how useful your content is, and therefore how relevant your site will be to new visitors.

So to keep your website bounce rate low:

Create top quality content

Publish articles and content that your visitors will value. Better still, publish content that they cannot get anywhere else. In this way people will not only stick around to read more, but they are also much more likely to come back in future.

Think about navigation

How do people get around your website to find the information they need? Is the journey as simple and intuitive as possible? If not, your visitors will end up frustrated and go elsewhere – almost certainly to one of your competitors. Make sure your navigation works well and you will see your bounce rate reduce accordingly.

Don’t forget mobile users

More and more people are browsing the web from mobile devices, and they naturally prefer sites optimised for their small screens. If your site doesn’t display properly in a mobile web browser, they are not going to waste their time pinching and zooming to read text.

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