Penultimate week at NSDesign…

ashleySo it’s my second last week of placement here at NSDesign, and I’m really sad to be leaving! I’ve learned so much in my time here, gained a better understating of how the industry works and (hopefully) made some really good contacts.

I’ve mainly focused on Social Media and SEO whilst being at NSDesign and I’ve realised how little I actually knew about them, considering us young ones think we know it all!!, let alone how important they are in business.

I’ve been, shall we say, nudged out of my comfort zone, and spurred on to try my hand at things I wasn’t too confident in – such as writing these blogs !!. All of which have helped to tie in greatly with my coursework (bonus!).

My time at NSDesign has given me a deeper understating of how the information and skills I learn in university can actually be applied in the world of work. This will hopefully allow me to understand it all a bit better when I return to university for my final year in September.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of this placement; from6AM rises to travel to Livingston to debates on new live domain names – a regular Friday occurrence! But most of all I’ve enjoyed learning from the team, the vast amount of collective knowledge between these guys is incredible – and I’m lucky to have been able to be a part of this amazing team; even if only for 8 weeks!

The 8 weeks have literally flown by and I genuinely feel saddened that I have to leave. Feeling extremely jealous of Jonathan right now I must say!

So from me a goodbye !

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