Outsourcing social media? How to get it right

outsourcing-social-mediaYou may well be asking yourself: “Should I do my own social media or outsource it?” 

First of all, don’t worry – this isn’t a thinly veiled sales piece, as we don’t actually offer social media management here at NSDesign! And generally, our view is that nobody knows your business like you. 

Having said that, outsourcing does have plenty of benefits, and can be the right choice for some small business owners.

In this piece, we’ll explore the pros and cons of outsourcing your social media management, and round up with a few personal recommendations of local businesses that we are happy to recommend, should you want to pursue outsourcing.

Outsourcing your social media: The Pros

Let’s explore the benefits of outsourcing your social media to an agency or freelancer:

  • Expertise. Social media isn’t your main job, but it is the main job of the people who work at social media agencies. A good agency or freelancer will be able to bring the benefit of all their experience to your business, and infuse your social media with new ideas.
  • An outsider’s perspective. An agency is far more likely to be able to put themselves in your audience’s shoes, and make a social media plan that really focuses on them and their needs.
  • Time. Running your own social media can be time-consuming, but when you outsource it, you get that time back.
  • Strategic guidance. Hiring experts means they will be able to offer input on your social media strategy. This might even include suggesting platforms you hadn’t considered before, or ways of tapping into new audiences.
  • Reporting. A good agency or freelancer will have a system for measuring and reporting the outcomes of their activity on your social channels. They will then be able to adjust the strategy to do more of what’s working.

Outsourcing your social media: The Cons

  • Money! The most obvious drawback is that all of the lovely benefits above come with a price tag. Doing it yourself might be preferable if you aren’t in a position to invest enough money over a long enough period of time to move the needle.
  • Control. While you’ll certainly have input when you work with an outsourcer, you can’t micromanage every single thing they do. If you aren’t comfortable with someone else presenting your business in a public space, doing it yourself might be the better option.
  • Knowledge. Social media agencies and freelancers have a great deal of expertise, but they can never match your knowledge of your own business. Ask yourself whether you feel an external provider can represent your business authentically.

Social media agencies in Glasgow

If you decide in favour of outsourcing your social media, here are some Glasgow-based providers we know fairly well and would be happy to recommend:



A well-respected agency that manages social media for some medium/large brands, and carries out a mix of ongoing social management and one-off campaigns etc. They have a strong relationship with a number of social media influencers, which could possibly be used to good effect.



A full service agency with a good reputation for social media. The MD, Martin Boyle, is a well-known figure in and around Glasgow and Ayrshire, and as well as social media management, Creo can also provide ongoing training, consultancy, and support. Their web design and creative capabilities are strong, too.

Paul Saunders


Paul is a freelance social media manager with a background in PR, so could be a good choice if you want to pursue press exposure too. He’s also a photographer, so expect visuals to be strong. 



Hopefully this helps you decide if outsourcing your social media is right for your business.  If not, and instead you’re looking to keep your social in-house, and want to strengthen the digital skills of your own team,  then get booked onto one of our digital marketing webinars, buy the bestselling social media book, or give us a shout!.

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