One to watch – Dick Winters

Dick Winters - designer Boxer ShortsIt’s rare that we use our Blog to blow our own trumpet, or that of our clients, but we’ll make an exception for Dick Winters.

Who is Dick Winters? He’s the iconic brand behind a new range of men’s designer underwear, proudly made in Britain


Why are we blogging about this particular client? Because first and foremost we had a blast working with them, and helping them get to this stage. It really was a fun brand to be part of, and a pleasure to be part of the process of launching not just a new business, but a new brand.

Secondly, we’ve got a strong feeling that in the world of retail and designer underwear, that Dick Winters will make a big splash in this sector, challenging some of the big players, and doing things a little bit differently. You’ve got to stand out and differentiate your business in today’s crowded marketplace, and this “Quintessentially British” brand aims to do just that.

You heard it hear first – Designer Boxer Shorts next big thing (and hopefully on your Christmas list this year – there’s still time!).

Say hello to Dick Winters!

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