How often should I post on Social Media?



It’s a question we always get asked at the various social media workshops we run – “how often should I post on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc?  Alternatively – we get asked a slightly different question –  “can you post too much on social media?”

The answer to the second question is easier:  YES – you can post too much.  Especially if you are simply repeating the same posts at different times across the same channel, but even the same posts on different channels isn’t the best strategy (at the very least – tailor the message for the different audiences).

Don’t post for the sake of it – if you have a reason (an objective) behind every post, you won’t go far wrong.  Remember that the social media tools (Facebook especially) don’t want quantity – they want quality – posts that people want to engage with, to like, to comment on, and to share.  Too many posts of low quality and the engagement (and reach) dries up.

The answer to the first question – “How often should I post on social media?” – is “as often as you like, so long as your audience wants it”.

This might sound obvious, but remember that it’s all about them, not you.  If you genuinely believe your audience will welcome 10 posts a day, and if you believe they all represent real value (and quality) for that audience, then post 10 times a day.  If not, don’t do it.

There’s no magic number (despite what some ‘experts’ will tell you) for the right volume of posts, it’s all about you, your business, your audience, and your engagement levels.  Take a look at your analytics and insights – learn from the numbers, and learn from your customers.

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