Was the new Snapchat update really that bad?

New snapchat updateThe new Snapchat update has caused outrage among its users.

Cries of frustration have been heard across the world as people struggle to find their stories. Disgruntled users have even started a petition to revert the app to its original state.

But, is the new Snapchat really that bad? Yes, the update might take some getting used to, but it could actually help businesses using the platform. Let’s take a closer look…

Snapchat: A recap

Snapchat is the social media platform that sends photos and videos to your friends, then deletes them after a few seconds.

It sounds a bit strange, but younger generations love it! Millennials are responsible for over 60% of Snapchat usage in the US!

Snapchat launched in 2011 and was quickly snapped up by users all over the world.

It has lots of interesting features; you can add filters, scribble on your images and bring everything together in your Snapchat story that lasts for just 24 hours.

Sounds familiar? It should – you may have noticed that Facebook has ‘taken inspiration’ from some of these features after failing to buy the company a few years ago.

While the business isn’t (strictly-speaking) profitable, it is still valued at $25bn, so is a big player in the social media marketplace.

What do businesses use it for?

Snapchat is a tool that businesses use to access new young users and gain a following. It can help companies raise awareness of their products and events and give followers behind-the-scenes access to the business.

The time-limited nature of the app gives a sense of exclusivity to followers who feel like businesses are making content just for them. They also get to join in on the fun by using companies’ geo-filters and taking advantage of flash sales and promotions on the app.

However, the best new feature businesses can use is the Snapchat Lens. Users taking a video selfie can select a company’s lens to overlay the image with the company’s chosen animation, sound and effects.

This feature really boosts engagement, and Snapchat is the only platform offering it at the moment. So, try it today!

The troublesome new Snapchat update

In the first week of February 2018, a new Snapchat update shook the world.

The aim was to separate “media content” from “friends content” and jazz up the interface. However, it ended up lumping Snapchat stories in with users’ direct messages and individual snaps and caused a whole lot of confusion!

More than 800,000 angry users have signed the “Remove the new Snapchat update” on change.org saying they “found that it has not made the app easier to use but has, in fact, made many features more difficult”. Some users are even using VPN apps to go back to the old version.

Many feel betrayed by the new Snapchat update. Social media influencer Kylie Jenner announced she had stopped using the app and the company lost a huge $1.3 billion in stock!

The big bosses need to act fast if they’re going to bring her, and her fans, back to the app.

Change is coming

This isn’t the first new Snapchat update to cause controversy. Remember Snap Map? The feature that told everyone exactly where you were?

This was a big security issue for parents and vulnerable people, so Snapchat listened to the feedback and made changes to improve its users’ security. It looks like it’s doing the same this time around, too.

Snapchat has announced it’s making some tweaks to the new update but isn’t getting rid of it completely.

By using tabs to separate the ‘friends’ and ‘discover’ pages, it hopes to improve usability.

Posts from publishers, creators and the local community will be in the ‘discover’ tab. So, this is where your SME content can leave its mark, and you can use the snazzy Snapchat features that your followers know and love.

After these tweaks, we think the new Snapchat update might do great things for businesses. However, it could take a little while for audiences to trust the app again.

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