My First Spundge Blog – Yes Blog, Not Bob…

Hey everyone, it’s Thea here with my first-ever blog using a new platform called Spundge. I first learned of it via one the most successful social media specialists Mari Smith (ironically she’s a Scot in California!) I receive Mari’s newsletter and find that there is always at least one tip, link, video etc – worth an interest. Spundge was one of two tools she recommended, and it was almost exactly the type of tool I was after, so I checked it out.

Basically what Spundge does is aggregate your content in things called “Notebooks”. In that way way, it’s sort of like Pinterest where instead of pinning to boards, you “Spunge it” to “Notebooks”.

So if you are a consumer of content, who wants to be more efficient with all your links, or if you write a blog or newsletter, then I recommend you give it a bash like I am.

As I say this is only my first blog attempt. When deciding what to write about for this blog, I thought I’d attempt to do a weekly blog of some of the best things I’ve seen shared across the World Wide Web over the course of the week.

Working for a variety of NSDesign clients, as you might imagine, I consume a LOT of content for more than eight hours a day, so when something really catches my eye, that’s saying something.

The first one was shared by a friend Bob on Facebook and it is particularly interesting if you were around in the 70s and 80s (especially if you were say, a teenager). Even though I am a Californian, I absolutely loved (and recognized) almost all of it.

It’s called We Didn’t Own an iPad

Wasn’t that great?

Now, the other bit of viral content that I thoroughly enjoyed this week was a Disney spoof that follows on from Disney’s typical “Happy Ever After”….films. It’s “what came next” in a sense. The execution of this was pretty amazing. He recorded it over a month but man all his hard work’s paid off.

Here’s the After Ever After video.

I hope you enjoy it much as I did!

Well, as I say, this is just the first blog – of what will hopefully be many. Now I just need to work out how to connect my Spundge account to the NSDesign blog.

Oh before I go, let me congratulate my team at NSDesign for taking 2nd in the Glasgow Rock’s Sponsorship Tournament. I was out due to injury but was sociably impressed (and a wee bit surprised) by their brilliant efforts.

There is a great new cover pic on the NSDesign Facebook page so check it out!

UPDATE: Not as easy as I’d hoped to link Spundge to NSDesign’s blog but hopefully I’ll have it sussed by next week, until then…have a great week!

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