Moving your business online: a list of helpful resources

Screen representing automating multiple social media accountsThe Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the plans of many businesses to move online, not only as a means to sell their products and services, but also for professional networking, learning and development.

There really couldn’t be a better time than now to move your business online. In an instant, we’ve all become dependent on the Internet in a way that would have been hard to imagine even a month ago. Everybody is working from home, socialising from home, networking from home and, as far as they can, shopping from home. It is, of course, the Internet which makes all of this possible.

Moving your business online is no longer a “nice to have”; it’s an essential step if you’re to continue to trade in our new, 100% online, business world.

However, moving your business online at a moment’s notice, during a time of great upheaval, is no easy task!

That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to provide you with as many helpful resources as possible. Here’s what we’ve pulled together so far:

1) Running a virtual business

NS Design and Business Gateway have joined forces to create a special set of resources to help small businesses make the transition from ‘bricks and mortar’ to online. They’re all available as online tutorials, which you can work through at your own pace.

Keeping your Business Safe Online:

Webinars, Live Streams and Video Conferences – Running a business remotely:

Switching to Trading Online – What you need to know:

Digital Marketing Strategy – More important than ever:

2) Online learning

In the midst of the many decisions that have to be made about the here and now, it’s important to keep an eye on the future too. If you or your staff have time available, investing it in online learning is a great investment as you’ll be able to bring new skills to the table when life gets back to normal.

There are lots of excellent online learning resources available to you, across all sectors.

Digital skills

If you choose to use this period to boost your digital skills, the following resources should be a helpful starting point:

Google Digital Garage:

NSDesign Digital Diploma:

All skills

For a complete overview of all the possible courses you could take, run a search on one of these sites, and you’re sure to find something that appeals:

Future Learn:

The Open University – Free courses:

Find Courses:

We’re always happy to provide help and advice if you need a hand getting started with moving your business online. Just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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