Mobile users engage more with web content

Mobile deviceA new infographic has come up with some surprising findings about the way consumers interact with websites when they’re accessing content on mobile devices. According to Outbrain, people who use their mobile phones to read articles perform far higher click through rates (CTR) on the content they consume than those who view the same content on their desktop machines. (By CTRs we of course mean clicking on links within articles).

Here are some interesting statistics from the infographic:

  • The most popular type of content to consume on a mobile device are electronics articles – these get a massive 91% more click-throughs than when they’re read on desktop computers.
  • Sports article CTRs are 36% higher on smartphones, and 39% higher on tablets
  • Overall, mobile CTR is 34% higher than on other platforms.

The conclusion is obvious: if you’re publishing blog articles or information-driven web pages on your site, you need to make sure the site is designed and fully optimised for mobile use. This is especially true if you plan to publish articles about electronics, it would seem!