Mobile internet popularity soaring: is your website fit for purpose?

globesNew figures from Forrester Research have shown that the number of adults in the US who access the internet on a daily basis is quickly rising – and statistics suggest that this could be down to the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices. According to Forrester Research, in 2012 almost half of US adults owned a smartphone and around one fifth owned a tablet, making it much easier for them to get online at any time.

The trend for mobile devices is prevalent on this side of the pond as well – on Boxing Day alone, 30% of UK consumers accessed a website from a smartphone or tablet, and on Mega Monday at the end of November, tablet conversion rates even managed to outperform traditional desktop sales. It seems obvious that there is a direct correlation between the adoption of devices which allow you to browse on the move, and the increase in usage in both the UK and US alike – so what does this mean for your company?

Quite simply, it means that your website must be optimised for mobile search, to ensure that your visitors get the best possible experience on whatever device they choose to use for their internet browsing at that moment in time.

You can choose responsive web design, a specially built mobile website, or a standalone mobile app, but either way, these ever increasing mobile customers provide a great opportunity for your business – so make sure you provide a great mobile experience for them.