Mobile commerce conversion rates are growing

Hand Showing Mobile Phone With Success ChartMajor digital analytics company Comscore have released data which shows that the number of mobile commerce (m-commerce) shoppers has almost doubled in size over the last year.

The report, which was created using information from comScore MobiLens, considered online retail usage in the EU5 – France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom – and identified that one in eight users in these countries have used their smartphone to complete a retail transaction.

Clothing and accessories proved to be the most popular area of m-commerce, but books and electronics were also common mobile purchases.

The statistics highlight the ever more certain fact that the m-commerce market is continuing to grow, and the need for mobile websites is greater than ever – particularly for retailers.

Furthermore, ComScore’s European product manager, Hesham Al-Jehani, pointed out that the increase of m-commerce could relate to the use of email marketing, “with consumers more likely to see and respond to offers on their phones when they check their email.”

Other recent studies by companies such as Good Technology have shown that email marketing is more effective thanks to smartphones, so it is possible that the link may be valid. Sites which offer m-commerce need to ensure that their pages are fully optimised and their email marketing campaigns are compelling and response-driven in order to take advantage of the current market trends.

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