Marketing tips to promote your website

I always find it amusing when I come across the “Top 10 Tips for…” articles that seem to be everywhere.  Most of the time they’re full of very obvious suggestions and lack any real innovative ideas that actually help you.  Flick through any of the web magazines or popular blogs and you’ll find “Top 10 Design Mistakes“, “Top Ten Client Attraction Tips For A Feng Shui Website“, “Top 10 Blogging Fonts“, “Top 10 Tips for creating Top 10’s”…  The list goes on.

I was therefore delighted to find not just a Top 10, but a “TOP 75” related to useful & different ways of promoting your web business.  Expecting just yet another uninspiring list, I was pleasantly surprised to find it fairly interesting, with some novel and innovative ideas – many of which I’m proud to say that NSDesign have already tried and found success with.

Starting with the pretty obvious first tip of “Write a Press Release” (which I know many companies still do NOT do), to tip 75 – “Sponsor a local roundabout”, there’s a range of good ideas that might prove beneficial to your own marketing of your website and business, and a few we’d advise against also!!

Some of the 75 Tips that we currently do:

11. Get signage for your car showing your web address, it’s amazing how many people you pass on a daily trip to your workplace that will be intrigued and go on your site later that day – even more effective if you commute on a motorway.

22. Try to get local radio stations to give you and your staff a mention. And ensure you get the domain name in there too. Not that many radio stations will read out the full domain, especially the nationals, but the locals and inner London ones generally do without any fuss.

40. Sponsor a local event or sports team – has a list of all the current opportunities on offer in the UK

50. Advertising in new mediums is often a great way to get in front of new audiences. There is a form of advertising now available on London buses.

 And a whole load more….  But there’s a few we don’t do, and wouldn’t recommend anyone consider – mainly in relation to buying links and link farms – things like:

25. Create a links page and exchange links using a programme such as…

48. Text Link ads are also a cheap way of getting people to your site. Companies such as text-link-ads give further information

All in all, some interesting reading, and I’m guessing at least a few of the ideas may strike a chord with even the most pro-active company and their marketing. Have fun!!

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