An interview with NSDesign Managing Director – Gary Ennis

As NSDesign Ltd approaches its official 18th birthday, we feature an interview with founder and Managing Director Gary Ennis, recorded recently for BBC Radio Scotland by Graham Spiers.

Over this 20 minute interview, listen to Gary answer questions about how NSDesign started, his own entrepreneurial attitude, his views on customer service, and his reasons on why NSDesign has been a profitable successful business over the years.


What did you see coming 20 years ago, that maybe other people didn’t see? Did you know back then that the internet was absolutely, definitely going to be the future?

“It was clear that this (the Internet) was, in some form, going to shape business as things moved forward. The fact that you could sit at your desk and buy something, compared to everything up until that point which entirely relied on face to face and getting out cash from your wallet etc, it was very much a case of this has the potential to radicalise how business is done”.

Your company was conceived right in the midst of the dot-com boom – how come you’re still here when so many others crashed and burned?

“Weirdly – we don’t focus on the technology. We are a customer service company.. a group of business advisers, who will sit and listen, and here your pains, before we ever come up with whatever the solution is”.

You were once a bar manager in a pub – how did that shape your view of life and people, and ‘the customer’?

“If you can communicate with somebody and get them to engage with you, to like you, to trust you, who are willing to bring out their wallet and give you money for something you have recommended – that is the principle of good business.”

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