Making sense of Facebook…

Facebook wants EVERYONE to join. They want INDIVIDUALS and they want BUSINESSES.

And since every BUSINESS consists of one or more INDIVIDUALS, in order to have a Facebook page for your BUSINESS, you must first open an ACCOUNT and create a PROFILE for yourself as an INDIVIDUAL.

Think of it like this…

That coin represents your Facebook account. Your account is the user name/e-mail address and password you sign in with.

You can only ever have one account.

But the coin has 2 sides.

One side for your INDIVIDUAL profile…

And one side for your BUSINESS page.

If you’re already on Facebook as an individual, it’s easy to add a BUSINESS PAGE.

Simply log out of your account and you’ll be re-directed to the front page.

And in small print near the bottom of the page you’ll see “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business”.

Click that and follow the instructions.

Facebook will add your new BUSINESS page, to your existing INDIVIDUAL profile and you’ll be able to access both under the one account.

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