Make the most of Facebook PPC

Facebook like from PPCYou must go where your customers are—and there’s a pretty good chance there’s a chunk of your customers hanging out on the world’s most popular social network: Facebook.

Of all the social platforms, none has a paid model that allows you to target users in such detail: if you invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Facebook, you can specify exactly who should see your page’s ad in their news feed. You can set parameters not just around gender and age group, but also location and interests. Like Google AdWords, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad, and you can control your daily budget.

Done well, Facebook PPC can help you grow your fan base – but just like Google AdWords, you have to be careful with your investment.

Your advertisement’s image is what will make or break it, because the image is what will catch the eye of the recipient and encourage them to click through to your page. Our tip is to include some orange colouring – it contrasts nicely with Facebook’s blue colour, without jarring.

Each Facebook campaign should have a “control”—a top performing ad that you try to beat through A/B testing. This involves changing the image, headline and copy—but be sure to change just one variable at a time. Whether positively or negatively, A/B testing impacts PPC, and determines what resonates most strongly with your audience. Keep refining until you’ve got the strongest ad possible, and then you’ll be in the best position to see exactly what results you’re generating from Facebook PPC.

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