Letter To Fletch

Norman Stanley Fletcher
HMP Slade
St Albans

Tuesday 23 July


Dear Norman,

Thank you for your recent letter.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but I am unable to help you hack in to Mr Mackay the prison warder’s Facebook account.

This would be extremely unethical, not to mention illegal, and in any event, I lack the technical knowledge to be able to.

I understand your frustration with your current situation in life, however, I would stress that the way to improve things is not to get yourself into further trouble.

However, should you be determined to cause Mr Mackay embarrassment and post rogue messages under his name, and as long as you accept that you proceed entirely at your own risk, there may be something you can do.

Should Mr Mackay possess a smartphone device, with the Facebook app on it, you may be able to access his account without requiring a password.

His phone will have a ‘pin lock’ function which he may not have enabled. Even if he has, it may well be something as simple as ‘1234’, ‘1212’ or ‘9999’. People are often very lax about leaving their phones lying around and it may be if you can cause a distraction and get your hands on the device, you might be able to crack the pin code and take full control of his phone and Facebook, without inputting any further passwords.

As I said, you proceed entirely at your own risk and I would urge you to resist the temptation.

It might also be worth reviewing your own security arrangements and implementing a series of secure passwords (not words in the English language, not the current month or day of the week) but a seemingly random series of letters and numbers which only you will know.

You are in the company of some fairly dishonest individuals and the fact that you have somehow managed to acquire a smartphone makes you a potential target.


Best wishes,

Colin Kelly
Head of Marketing and Training

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