Letter To Baldrick

c/o E Blackadder Esq
The Kitchens
Windsor Castle

Wednesday 17 July

Dear Baldrick,

Thank you for your enquiry about our Linkedin Boot Camp training session.

I’d be delighted to accommodate you at our next training session here at Hillington Park Innovation Centre and hope you are able to organise transportation.

I realise you are currently trying to improve your skills with a view to finding employment opportunities and it may well be that your local authority is able to help you access funding to go towards the cost of our work with you.

To explain a little with regard to how a presence on Linkedin could help you in your quest:

  • It is the business social network and does not therefor have the trivial chat many associate with Facebook and Twitter. It is a place to portray yourself in a professional light and I would suggest you would be better not including pictures of your impressive turnip collection on your profile.
  • It can alert you to job opportunities and is the preferred method of recruitment for a growing number of companies. You mentioned you rarely receive replies when sending applications. Part of this is likely due to your return address being illegible but it may also be because Human Resources departments are swamped with applications and do not have the resource to read every CV and letter that comes in. Being on Linkedin makes it more likely you will be noticed.
  • You mentioned during our meeting some plans to launch various business interests under your own name. I have to say each of them contains several fundamental flaws and I would urge you to take professional advice from a business support organisation before going any further. However, if you were to pursue any of these, a presence on Linkedin could help you connect with key decision makers and, for example, local authority procurement teams who may be able to put some work your way. You told me a little about your ‘Royal family connections’ and I believe were you to launch a Linkedin profile many people would actively seek you out and want to connect with you.
  • I would urge you to consider your relationship with your accomplice that you referred to in our meeting. It appears he does not have your best interests at heart and is, in fact, deliberately holding you back in your career. You can do better.

I hope the above proves useful and look forward to working with you going forward.

Best wishes,

Head of Marketing and Training


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