Key digital marketing trends to get ready for in 2016

key digital marketing trends predictions2015 was another big year for digital marketing, with investment in digital continuing to grow.  Many now estimate that spend on traditional marketing formats such as TV and print will fast be overtaken by digital, maybe as early as this year. So with that in mind, here’s a roundup of the top digital marketing trends to prepare your strategy for in 2016…

Apps are back

Although they never really went away, apps saw a bit of a lull in 2015 as businesses focused on developing responsive websites. But as Google recently started including apps in Google search results, it’s likely that many businesses will return their focus to developing or updating their apps in 2016.

Video will be bigger than ever

From live video streaming to 360-degree video, video took off in a big way in 2015, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere but up. According to Yahoo, video views increased by up to 55% last year and are still growing.

We’ve already talked about the benefit of video to businesses and it looks like it will be an even bigger marketing tool in 2016. The key will be taking advantage of the latest video platforms, many of which are newly launched in the last year.

In 2015 both Facebook and Twitter launched their live broadcasting tools (Facebook live and Periscope respectively), video sharing was added to Twitter, Instagram launched Boomerang, plus iPhones starting filming “live photos” every time you take a picture. Another growing video trend is vertical viewing, with Snapchat driving the adoption of videos created in vertical format.

Social media will continue to grow and evolve

One thing is certain with social media: it never stays still. This year saw the introduction of many social media innovations, from GIFs now working in Facebook, to tweets now appearing in Google. Although these may seem like small changes, they all add up, and it’s vital to be clued up with the latest updates to market your business effectively on social and to enable you to keep calm in a crisis.

Content marketing will continue as a market leader

Content marketing isn’t going anywhere – according to the Content Marketing Institute, the vast majority (88%) of businesses plan to use content marketing to market their business this year, and of those, over three quarters (76%) plan to produce more content than last year. Better get those content strategies started!

Get ready for more personalisation in email marketing

Increased personalisation in emails is a growing trend, with businesses using more data to customise the experience in an ever-crowded inbox. Expect to see more offers tailored to customer behaviour, as well as subtly different email creatives for different subsets of marketing lists.

Stay up to date with the latest digital marketing trends

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