John Cena vs The Rock: A Social Media Battle Royal

2 of the biggest names in sports entertainment are locked in a social media battle that’s divided the WWE Universe and lit up Twitter and Facebook for millions of people all over the world.

In the ring, WWE superstars John Cena and The Rock will face each other next spring at Wrestlemania 28.

Tonight, they’ll fight on the same side as tag team partners against The Miz and R-Truth at Survivor Series.

But on Twitter and Facebook, they’ve been competing against each other for months – fighting for followers and “LIKES” and taking fan engagement to previously unseen levels.

Your business might be more familiar with invoices, spreadsheets and databases rather than pin falls, count outs and submissions,
but there’s still a lot you can learn from what these two athletes are doing on social media.

Let’s take a closer look and see whether The Rock or John Cena is doing it best. has a staggering 9,225,814 LIKES. More than 9 million people engage with this guy on Facebook. A recent post attracted more than 19 thousand comments and there were more than 51 thousand responses to a poll asking fans “Was it fair or foul for Cena to use duct tape to win a last man standing match against Batista?”

Huge numbers and any business would be delighted with that level of response. But wait a minute, put it in context. 19 thousand or 51 thousand responses out of 9 million? That’s a tiny proportion.

Why don’t more people talk back to him on his wall?

I think it’s because they never see him speaking directly.

All the content is obviously written by someone else. It’s interesting and engaging and provokes a response, but it’s not coming straight from Cena himself.

Posts like this…

“John Cena’s father John Sr., came out to scold the Boston crowd for
booing his son. But the ultimate rebuke came at the hands of The Great One!”

and this…

TONIGHT, RAW GETS ROCKED as The Rock returns to Monday Night Raw LIVE in a special 3-hour episode, starting at 8/7 CT! How will John Cena react when his tag team partner for Survivor Series brings it live… and not via satellite?”

Are good but lack authenticity and emotion.

If I was to give John Cena a tip to make his Facebook even better, it would be this – talk directly to the fans on your wall.

Now let’s look at how The Rock does it. has 4,454302 LIKES on his Facebook page. Half as many as Cena, but he’s using it much more effectively.

At 6”4 in real life The Rock has a 3 inch height advantage over Cena. And on Facebook a custom size profile picture means The Rock dominates the left hand side of the page with a large “strip” picture, while Cena makes do with a small thumbnail in the left hand corner.

2nd tip for Cena – make full use of the space available to you.

Another victory for The Rock now, he’s using a custom landing page to talk directly to fans BEFORE they click LIKE on his page. A
video message starts rolling and he asks visitors to take a pledge..”to stand fearless in the face of adversity and bring it everyday”.

I can become a member of “Team Bring It”. There’s a clear call to action. I get the feeling The Rock really WANTS me on this page, it matters to him, he’s actively involved in this. I feel like he’ll even notice me becoming part of his community and be pleased with me.

Cena? He’s getting the guys that do the company magazine to stick his messages up.

The Rock’s big on Twitter too and he brings added energy to his Facebook page by embedding his Twitter on it. So I can see in real time what he and his fans are talking about and it makes me want to join in.

On his wall, The Rock talks directly to his people. With messages like this…

Our connection: POWERFUL.

It’s my honor being The People’s Champion.

Team Bring It.


Bad guys, good guys and monsters – I HUNT ‘EM ALL. Boots To Monster Asses.


Let’s strive for perfection today…

We won’t ever be perfect – but in the process we’ll find our greatness.

He gives advice, he shares his thoughts, feelings, and even tells his fans what he’s praying for. There are behind the scenes pictures (he dressed up as Fred Flintstone at Halloween) video clips he’s shot on his mobile phone and content not just about himself, but people he admires (Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali).

One recent post attracted more than 62 thousand LIKES and 11,241 comments. He doesn’t post as often as Cena, (once or twice a week rather than once or twice a day) but when he does it makes a deeper connection. He’s getting the same, or sometimes even higher levels of engagement on half the number of followers John Cena has.

And for that reason, I declare The Rock the winner. He might not have quite such massive numbers, but he’s doing it better and that makes him my social media champ.

Now check out both their pages yourself and see what else your business can learn from them.

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