It’s all in the Analytics: Facebook vs. Google+

A major advantage of Google+ over rival social networking site Facebook, has been its promised ability to offer more detailed data on the success of social media campaigns.

But that could change.

This week, Facebook announced a tie-in with consumer audience measurement giant Nielsen which will see launch a new social media measuring tool, Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.
The service, which launches in the US with a UK rollout later this year, works in a similar way to how TV ad audiences are measured, offering daily demographic reports of data gained from Nielsen’s TV viewing and online user panels and Facebook’s own database.

This announcement comes – with no great surprise – just as Google+ plans to launch its brand pages.

Ever popular Google Analytics is expected to be integrated within the Brand Pages (as well as Google Display Network, AdWords and DoubleClick advertising products) which will make Google+ a very attractive proposition, allowing advertisers to see clearly just who and where their fans are, and what online content they engage with.

Such a level of detail is imperative to help advertisers create more targeted online campaigns, relevant content, and most of all, maximise online marketing spend.

However, with a heavy-weight consumer insight company like Nielsen behind its data analytics, advertisers will have renewed confidence in Facebook, which could mean some hang on for the UK launch of this new analytics tool, rather than transfer their existing loyal and engaged Facebook base over to Google+, at the of risk of losing fans and customers.

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