Is Google+ courting celebrities?

Google is reportedly planning a “celebrity acquisition plan” to help publicise its new Google+ social network.

According to US broadcaster CNN, the search engine giant wants its rival to Facebook to become popular amongst actors, musicians and other public figures.

CNN says that it found out about Google’s plans via a number of emails from Google.

The emails detail a new system that aims to verify the identity of a public figure when they sign up for Google+.

The system follows the model of that operated by Twitter, where celebrity accounts are authenticated and then stamped with a “Verified” icon. Twitter’s system was introduced after a number of fake accounts appeared purporting to be those of various well-known figures.

Experts speculate that Google may verify celebrity accounts by asking them to fax over official documentation proving their identity, such as their driving licence.

A number of celebrities have already joined Google+, including Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Google remained non-committal on the subject in an official statement, merely saying: “We aren’t yet sharing any details on future plans around Google+. We plan to add a lot of features and functionality to Google+ over time.”

Meanwhile, regular users are clamouring to join the site, which has already amassed 10 million members.

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