Help improve web accessibility within the EU

I write this while stranded in the Glasgow Airport BMI Business Lounge, waitng with Martin and Paul for our flight to London (now delayed by 2 hours).  We’re going down to attend the Nominet Best Practice Challenge Awards, where NSDesign are shortlisted for the “Raising Industry Standards“. 

The awards themselves are essentially about making the internet a better more accessible place, and so it’s a great pleasure for us simply being shortlisted among other giants within the industry.  Accessibility has always been at the forefront of what we do at NSDesign, so to gain some recognition for this (and other initiatives we get involved in) is fantastic.

Talking of accessibility – the European Union has just published a public survey on accessiblity, which aims to gauge the current situation with regard accessible websites, the costs/efforts associated with building them, and the affects (and improvements) they give to disabled users.  The research will all be used to determine if a broader EU law on accessibility (rather than a country by country implementation of different laws) is a better approach to take than what we currently have.  Pretty interesting stuff, and I’d encourage everyone to complete it.  It’s just a shame their own survey doesn’t meet accessibility guidelines!

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One Response to “Help improve web accessibility within the EU”

  1. admin

    Well… we didn’t win, but to be honest – we didn’t expect to. When you’re up against the Internet Watch Foundation (A massive organisation which aims to eradicate uk child porn – Backed by both the EU and UK government)… little old NSDesign didn’t really stand a chance – but it great to be recognised:

    “The judges commended NSDesign as a great example of a UK enterprise that has taken the drive for continuous improvement to heart.”