IE10 will support Flash video content

Video contentRecently, the web design industry was alight with news of the newest incarnation of HTML, HTML 5, and its capacity to host video content without the need for third party programmes such as Adobe Flash or Quicktime.

It is therefore surprising to learn that IE10, the latest version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser, will support Flash, in spite of its push to HTML5.

Screengrabs of the upcoming browser indicate that there will be two versions of IE10 – one desktop based, and one Metro-style format. Although there will be a version of Flash integrated into the latter, not all websites using Flash will be supported.

However, there will be a ‘whitelist’ of popular sites which the browser will support, including Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Netflix, but any sites not on the list will require the user to switch to the desktop version of the browser.

To aid the transition, Adobe has opened up its code to high profile companies such as Google and Microsoft so that they can make amendments to make IE10 compatible with their software.
Although they are supporting the new HTML 5 coding, Microsoft will not have fully integrated in time for their Windows 8 release – which may explain the need for two versions of IE10 which support two types of video technology.

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