HTML5 will be used by 80% of developers by 2015, says survey

3D character and percentage graph barsA new infographic from Uberflip has shown that use of new browser based programming code HTML5 is set to increase rapidly over the next three years. The informative document shows that 48% of developers are already using HTML5 – an impressive figure considering its relatively recent conception. In addition to this, the statistics suggest that up to 80% of developers will be using the software by 2015.

According to Uberflip, HTML5 is also going to have a big impact on the digital marketing industry. The key benefits of the software is that it is searchable, cost-effective, accessible, and importantly during the current trend for accessing sites from multiple devices, supported across several different platforms (including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, iPhones and iPads, and Google Android). These are all factors which could be particularly useful to marketers looking to optimise their company’s online offering. The infographic highlights the fact that big brands as diverse as the Financial Times, Ford, and Vimeo, are already using HTML5.

It seems that the prediction that the majority of programmers will be using the software by 2015 is likely to be accurate – the benefits of HTML5’s functions are undeniable, and likely to be of use to businesses of all sizes, in various industries, over the coming months and years.

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