How to win in the digital marketing competition

key digital marketing trends predictionsGetting started with digital marketing can feel hard enough without being expected to outshine your competitors’ efforts.

So, what do you do when your arch-rival’s social media pages have more followers, better engagement and more creative content than yours?

You roll your sleeves up and start applying all the great advice we’re about to share, that’s what!

Are you barking up the wrong tree(s)?

Before we start looking at what you’re doing, let’s examine where you’re active. Think back to when you set up each of your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Are you there purely because that’s where the digital marketing competition seems to be? If so, this is a bad reason to continue putting time and effort into a digital presence.

The only reason you should be on any channel is because there’s a good business case for it. This could mean a channel is popular with customers, teeming with PR opportunities, offers local exposure, or any other business benefit that makes it worthwhile.

All small businesses will benefit from performing a thorough analysis of every channel they’re on, and streamlining where needed. It’s not a bad thing to close down pages that are demanding more effort from you than they’re worth, and it’s far better to be present on two channels that deliver results than on six which have no impact on your bottom line.

Content is king

“If you build it, they will come” is a false maxim. In reality, the strength of the digital marketing competition means that you need to put high-quality, creative content on your social media pages in order to draw viewers and drive engagement. But don’t worry – this isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Here are some ideas for content that tends to do well on social media:

  • Humour. Everybody likes to chuckle, especially on social media – that’s why they call it “social” after all! Just make sure any memes, gifs or jokes you share are in good taste and consistent with your brand values.
  • Videos. With 54% of consumers wanting their favourite brands to provide them with video content, this is a no-brainer. There’s plenty of material to share if you don’t have the time or resources to create your own.
  • User-generated content. There’s no reason you should have to do all the hard work. People join social media platforms so they can take part in conversations. Reposting your followers’ content (never forgetting to credit them) makes them feel noticed and appreciated, and gives you ready-made content for your pages. Win-win!

Shout about it

So, you’ve focused your efforts on a handful of channels and you’ve populated them with eye-catching and interesting content. Now it’s time to get the attention you deserve.

Promote your social media presence by:

  • Linking to your pages from your website and email signature.
  • Re-purposing your content. That blog you spent hours crafting? Think about creative ways to re-use its content. For example, could you turn your blog’s key takeaway points into a series of tweets or use some of the blog’s content to create a short video?
  • Using hashtags. This is how you join the wider conversation around your topics, and attract new followers.

Follow these tips to create a strategy that will help you smash the digital marketing competition!

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