4 tips to reach new audiences using TikTok for business

There’s a very good chance you’ve heard of TikTok in fact, we might be concerned if you hadn’t! The platform launched in China in 2016 with a stream of dancing and lip-syncing videos, but it’s now home to much more. With a predominantly Gen-Z Audience TikTok is known mainly for its short-form content lasting roughly 15 seconds (although videos can now run to three minutes). Five years on, although TikTok might have its sceptics, with over three billion downloads it’s here to stay. 

In this blog, we outline some tips to reach new audiences using TikTok for business.

1. Create a TikTok business account

To get started, you’ll need to create a regular account. The first step is to download the mobile app. You can create and access an account in-browser, but you need the app to switch to a business account.

Open the TikTok app and set up an account with your date of birth and phone number or email address. After verification, enter a username. Although you can change this later, it’s vital to input a username that clearly identifies your business.

Once your account is made, select “Manage account” under Settings. Here, you can select the option “Switch to Business Account”. After choosing an appropriate business category, hit “Next”, and you’re ready to go!

2. Design an eye-catching profile

To identify your business, you can add a name (which is separate to your username) to appear at the top of your page. Like other platforms, you’ll want to upload your brand’s logo as your profile picture. However, remember that it will need to fit in a circle, so you may have to edit it slightly. 

Next, you can focus on your bio. Be sure to include a brief and engaging summary of what you do, including that all-important link to your website. If you’ve got multiple social media pages or sites to advertise on your TikTok page, consider using a landing page. This allows you to show all of these links in one place. You can do this with free services such as Linktree.

3.Create engaging content

Before you start creating content, make sure you understand the platform’s unique style! TikTok isn’t formal or slick but is instead a space for you to experiment and show a different side to your business. Whilst your success will ultimately depend on whether you can make interesting videos, TikTok provides a helping hand with user-friendly editing tools, filters, and more. 

Keep your usual customer base in mind when creating your content, so that it aligns with your brand. That said, remember that you’ll also discover new (often younger) customers on TikTok so don’t be afraid to try new things! Here are a few ideas you could start with:

  • A ‘welcome’ post to highlight what you’re all about, what you’ll be posting, or even to introduce your team!
  • Showcase what you do especially if you can show off attractive products or there’s a creative aspect to your business.
  • Participate in hashtag challenges (where appropriate), as these can bring you plenty of exposure and engagement!
  • Use music and sounds from TikTok’s Sounds library in your content but ensure they’re appropriate for the demographic and overall tone you’re aiming for. 

4. Monitor your content’s success using TikTok analytics

Like most platforms, TikTok provides analytics for business accounts. This is a great way to keep track of how people are (or aren’t) engaging with your content. Analytics will show you what’s working and how to build on that to grow your audience.

We hope this blog has helped you figure out how to start using TikTok for business and how you can get the most out of this unique and popular platform. If you’re interested in taking your TikTok account to the next level, consider attending our upcoming webinar. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about TikTok for business from an exceptional training provider! Or for more general advice on digital marketing, contact our team.

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