How to use the new Instagram features to ramp up your sales

Instagram on phone representing new Instagram featuresAre you up to speed with all the new Instagram features and how you can leverage them to improve your bottom line? If you’re not already, you will be by the end of this blog.

Over 25 million businesses now have an Instagram profile, so you’ll need to get yours on point to stand out from the crowd. And, with Insta floating a raft of new features over the last month, these seem like the perfect place to start.

Let’s get stuck into these new features and what small business owners can do to make the most of them.

What are the new Instagram features?

These are our top five new Instagram features for small business owners:

1) Hyperlink hashtags in user profiles

You can now add clickable links to your profile to help users find products or related profiles conveniently.

That way, when potential customers click on the hashtag, Instagram will take them to a page where all products linked to that hashtag are listed.

Similarly, if you use different profiles for different bits of your business, you can make it easier for potential customers to navigate between them.

2) Link posts to your shop

Enable potential customers to see your product descriptions/prices and access your shop directly from each post.

This is especially handy for e-retailers who handle aesthetically pleasing products as it helps you capture purchases while consumer interest is at its peak.

You could, say, snap an image of your new knitted scarf on a customer, detail their reaction, publish a hashtagged post, then offer anyone who’s interested an easy way to purchase.

3) Add scannable name tags

Still under development, this feature will see a scannable ‘name tag’ attached to each Instagram business profile.

Think of this like a QR code. Once Instagram releases this feature, you’ll be able to display it in all sorts of locations to help potential customers access your social media and engage with your brand.

Print them on all your product labels, receipts, websites and social media channels to help potential customers find you and navigate through your commercial empire.

4) Create mention stickers

Promote all your collaborations and influencer interactions using the new personalised mention sticker function.

Let’s say you go on a Youtuber’s channel to talk about your specialism, then take a promo shot to advertise your appearance. Afterwards, you could upload a partially-branded sticker displaying their name or handle to the explain the photo, then share it far and wide.

Apple users can do this directly from the emoji menu, while Android users will have to settle for the manual method.

5) Use Focus Portrait mode

Lastly, you can fine-tune your photography skills and improve your branding using Focus Portrait mode.

In plain-speak, this function sharpens the focus on your subject while blurring the background. This makes for some professional-grade images while also emphasising your product.

As with mention stickers, this function is available to all iPhone users. However, some Android folks might be left disappointed as this is yet to be made available.

Use these handy tips to leverage the new Instagram features and make this channel work harder for your small business.

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