How to go global with an ecommerce website

A laptop computer with the word e-Commerce on the screenThe Internet has completely changed the face of international business. Gone are the days of remote offices and local employees, saving businesses many of the start-up costs associated with international trade. Now all your business needs is a good ecommerce website and access to international postal services.

Because the barrier to international trade is so low, UK-based companies will find themselves under increasing pressure from foreign firms looking to “steal” their customer base. However the same low entry requirements are available to any internet connected business, there is no reason you too cannot compete on the world stage.

UK businesses have an added advantage over their international competition; English remains the language of choice for international trade (at the moment anyway). This helps your business avoid costly translation services that foreign businesses must employ to reach the British market.

With an initial website in place, your business can then assess international strategy. Are there particular markets where your products or services may be in greater demand? Does the site get more visitors from a particular region than others?

But the first step to international trade (and beating foreign competition) is to make sure your business has its corner staked in the marketplace. And the best way to do that is with a well-designed, well-structured e-commerce website.

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