How to get the most from your Mother’s Day Marketing campaign

Mother's Day MarketingAs Mother’s Day approaches, we look at how businesses can create engaging social media campaigns and digital marketing strategies to boost conversations and sales.

1) What’s your story?  

Marketing in 2019 is all about the art of storytelling and creating authenticity with your target audiences. Mother’s Day marketing campaigns are no exception, and this celebration is one of the biggest dates in your social media calendar to provide an enticing customer experience.

Your Mother’s Day marketing campaign provides an unmissable opportunity to increase your brand awareness through sharing your identity and values.

For example, in its ‘All Those Who Mum’ 2018 Mother’s Day marketing campaign, property group Stockland featured mums in all their guises to communicate its core brand values: one of which is diversity.

2) Make it personal

Marketing campaigns that seek to build a genuine connection with their audience are generally the most effective.

Using a positive, uplifting event such as Mother’s Day presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to speak to their customers. Sharing stories, providing tips and offering powerful advice are just some of the strategies used to create emotion and increase brand loyalty.

Customisable jewellery brand, Pandora, delivered an authentic message to resonate with female customers in its ‘My Strong Mother’ campaign. The accompanying advert – showing a woman changing a tyre – sought to reinforce women’s strengths. It was well-received, appealing to a feminist audience eager to see women depicted in a less traditional light.

3) A unique angle

Loyal brand supporters, who turn into brand advocates, love a previously unexplored perspective that successfully makes your brand stand out.

Social media influencers can also play a part in your digital and social Mother’s Day marketing campaign. Using an influencer with an established following on your most effective social media platform can really boost your brand.

Whether it’s through the use of humour or going behind the scenes to unveil the expertise of your team as demonstrated by Interflora, adopting a unique approach to promoting your brand is vital.

4) Maximise the O2O effect

The online-to-offline (or O2O) effect refers to marketing campaigns that combine a mix of digital activity with physical brick-and-mortar campaigns.

Drawing customers into your store through online offers, or encouraging shoppers to visit your digital basket through pushes at footfall level can help build brand identity.

If your business cross-purposes content (e.g. video or infographics) across multiple channels, this approach can save resources and improve sales.

Finally, use a strong call-to-action to ensure your customers know what to do to be part of your campaign’s success.

If you’re looking to make this Mother’s Day marketing campaign your best yet, speak to the NS Design team for our expert insights.

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