How to get people to notice your marketing emails

LeadershipAccording to new research from the Direct Marketing Association, UK email marketing volumes reached an all-time high during the first half of last year with an average of three million monthly messages sent out by brands.

It’s great that companies are realising the potential of email as a medium – but with so many marketing emails arriving in your customers’ inboxes, how can you make sure they take notice of yours?

Clean your list

For your emails to be effective they’ve got to be going to the right people. The best list is the one you’ve built yourself from sign-ups at your website but sometimes it’s necessary to buy a list. That’s fine as long as it’s opt-in and the company supplying it has a procedure for keeping it up to date. After all, there’s no point sending your message to inaccurate or outdated email addresses.

Use ‘trigger words’ in your subject line

An Adestra study has identified subject line ‘trigger words’ that can boost open rates. Including ‘sale’, for instance, delivers +23.2% opens, compared with +3.4% for ‘save’.

Format for function

Hold your readers’ attention by formatting your email in an attractive and easy to digest way. Above all, make sure your call to action is crystal clear.

Optimise for mobile

It’s not just your website than needs to be mobile ready – an estimated 43% of emails are now opened on a mobile device! Make sure you’re using mobile friendly email templates.

Test, test and test again

Decent email software comes with A/B split testing functionality: use it! This is an unbeatable way to find out what works and fine-tune it.

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