Hello World – welcome to the new blog!

Well… here it is – the traditional “hello world” post, to introduce the new blog from the NSDesign team.

Apologies in advance for the lack of effort in customising the wordpress theme, but we wanted to get this up and running before Christmas, and I promise to spend a little more time on it in January.

So why a blog?..  Well, we wanted an informal space where the team could post “non official” news, thoughts and random stuff.  Far too often we’ve had something of interest to say, but nowhere to say it – hence the birth of this blog.  If you’re a customer of NSDesign then be aware that existing support channels will not change..  you’ll still use the online helpdesk etc when you need support – this blog is not to supplement support – It’s just a chance for us to ramble on various issues (some work related, some not), and for you to get inside the heads of some of the staff.  We’re all really nice people (trust me), and I hope you get to know us all that little bit better….

 Ok…  thats enough for the first post.

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