Have you got a digital marketing strategy?

MarketingChances are that your business has a number of strategies in place to help define how things are done, how your business is positioned in the market and how your business plans to grow. But do you have a strategy in place for your digital marketing efforts?

The organic nature of the Internet, particularly social media, makes it easy to simply drift. Even if you are engaging with brand fans and customers, are you making the most of your interactions? Without a digital marketing strategy it is hard to tell.

A successful digital strategy should consider factors such as:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are their specific business pains and how can I help?
  • What sort of information are these people looking for?
  • What do I need to do to deliver that information to them, or to bring it to their attention?
  • What are my competitors doing online, and how can I compete?
  • How can I turn my brand followers into brand advocates who actively recommend my products and services to their friends?

Using these questions and your answers, you can then target your website content, social media postings and marketing emails accordingly. You can also better assess how effective your current efforts are, giving a clear indication of what you need to do to improve.

Investing time to create a digital marketing strategy will repay dividends if you can decide what you are trying to achieve, and how to use online communication methods to boost sales leads and conversions.

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