GUEST BLOG: Notes from the NS Intern, Melissa

Hey everyone, Thea here again, working away on April Fools Day…but at a much lighter pace. More years ago than I care to admit, I was fortunate to have an internship in San Francisco (that I loved) for one of the biggest record labels in the world. It was amazing! Internships, or work placements, are a fantastic opportunity for students to come in and learn practical, on-the-job-skills. I think every university student  should have that opportunity to do so. It was an experience that has remained with me – some two decades later!

Fast forward to present date, and we now have an intern working as part of the NSDesign team. She’s called Melissa and, for reasons I just mentioned, I suggested that she write a blog about her experience to date. So everyone, meet Melissa and enjoy her first blog.


Hi, my name is Melissa and I am the current Intern at NSDesign! I’m in my second year at the University of the West of Scotland working towards my BSc in Business Technology. I’ve been at NSDesign now for three weeks and I’m loving it!

To sum up my course at university, it delivers both technical and business knowledge needed to cater to small to medium sized enterprises. The knowledge I have gained from my course has aided me with the work I have done on placement. Being on placement has also opened my eyes to areas I haven’t previously thought about. This is one of the reasons why I wished to undertake a placement, as it will help my in the future, with university and work.

So far, I’ve mainly focused on the social media side of things here at NSDesign. I have found this particularly interesting. I quickly realised how important social media can be and how little I knew about it, with regards to business and marketing.

The, may I say excellent, social media master class ran by Gary and Colin really helped me in my understanding of social media and how to use it effectively. This one-day masterclass covered all the ‘need to knows’ with regards to getting your business out there on social media platforms!

It’s not as simple as just setting up an account and posting away, it’s about how to use it effectively and get your objectives across in the most successful way. The class was really ‘hands on’ – with lots of interaction and teamwork exercises, which made the day fun and exciting. I left wishing I had my own business to go and try all the approaches discussed!

On my time here, so far, I’ve gotten to use and learn about some of the useful tools of the trade such as Hootsuite, which is a social media management tool. It allows for multiple social networks and accounts to be updated, monitored and managed all from the one interface. Hootsuite is a real time-saver. It allows Tweets to be scheduled and allows potential clients and find audiences to be targeted with ease.

It also has an excellent interface making the user experience as enjoyable as possible. Spundge is another useful tool used to curate and collect information and articles, relevant to what you’re looking for, all in one place. And when you have a ‘notebook’ based on an idea or topic you can share it whenever and to whoever you like. This allows for ‘notebooks’ to be shared with your team mates and allows for easy collaboration all from the same place.   Allowing the old saying “two minds are better than one” to be put into action easily!

The whole team here at NSDesign are a lovely bunch! From my initial meeting with the team, I knew I had picked the right placement. The office is a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable place to work. And the kettle is never long off the boil, which is always a plus!

On my time here at NSDesign I’m hoping to continue to gain insight into the environment where I could be working in the future, and to experience it first hand, rather than learning what it’s like from the classroom. I’ll give another update on my time here at NSDesign at the end of my time here, if I make it out alive! 🙂

So there you have it, Melissa’s first blog after three (or so) weeks of shadowing the NS team. Have you ever been an intern? Have you had interns working in your business? It’s a great way to “pay it forward”…

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