Google Instant

Google have recently launched Instant, a new approach to searching which pushes the boundaries of internet search technology as well as altering the playing field for marketing.

This latest advancement is based on research which suggests that users take up to 10x longer to type an enquiry than they do to scan a page of results. Instant responds to this by bringing up results as users type, allowing them to scan simultaneously and click through to their desired web page faster. The user also establishes a dialogue with the system, amending their own search parameters as they go to find their required content quicker.

It’s an impressive new tool which accelerates functionality for users of the system; however, it may not be such good news for businesses, especially those running Adword campaigns. Results for Google Instant searches are almost constantly refreshed, and so too are the PPC ads, allowing no time for an interested party to click through.

There is also the possibility that businesses will end up paying for impressions on irrelevant searches, with results changing as a query becomes more defined.

In response, Google will change their definition of an ad impression.  Unless an ad is on screen for 3 seconds or more, it is not considered an impression. This goes some way to solving the problem, but doesn’t help if the user is distracted half way through typing their query, leaving irrelevant results on screen for a prolonged period.

Google Instant has the potential to revolutionise the way we use search engines and its true impact has yet to be felt. Only time will tell us what effect it has on Adwords.

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