Google continue integration trend with Google Play

Google is integrating like mad. Earlier in the year, Google search incorporated results from its social network Google Plus then, at the beginning of this month, its new controversial unified privacy policy replaced up to 60 different sets of terms and conditions with a single policy.

Now the company has focused on bringing together some of its smartphone services with the introduction of Google Play.

Google Play brings together a host of separate Android smartphone apps into one location and rebrands different media services under one banner. The new service incorporates the Android marketplace for apps, Google Music, Google Books and Google Movies.

According to the company, Android phone users will notice very little difference in the functionality of their devices as Google Play will automatically recognise a user’s previous accounts and transfer them seamlessly to the new unified service.

According to Google, the company intends to build Play into a brand that will offer a strong identity and result in an increase of investment in mobile entertainment services. Google claim the new brand will increase connectivity and interaction and as a result, benefit both customers and developers.

The change is another step in the consolidation and integration of Google’s many individual services. Many observers believe that the company is positioning itself to deal with the commercial threat from Facebook which will see its first publicly traded shares come onto the market in the next couple of months.

The Facebook IPO is predicted to raise anything between US$5 and $10 billion and the influx of new finance may allow it to offer a challenge in markets where Google has traditionally been the preeminent player.

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