A busy few weeks for Google

Having recently celebrated it’s 10th birthday (watch this space for details of NSDesign’s 10th birthday early next  year), Google continues to be busy on the development front, releasing a number of new products and services recently.

Two of my favourites so far – Google Chrome – their new web browser, and Mail Googles, a fun addition to their GMail platform that might save a few people from sending the occasional dodgy email late on a Friday night while under the influence…

Chrome is big news in the web world – 1) Because it’s a new browser from Google, and 2) Because it brings with it the possibility of another browser war, with Google’s rivalry with Microsoft stronger than ever.

We’ll post our own review of Chrome soon, but for now, suffice to say that Google’s first effort into the world of browsers does a decent job, and most importantly, seems to be pretty much standards-compliant (being based on the Webkit engine which powers Apple’s Safari) which should save a few headaches from a design/development point of view.  Read Bruce Lawson’s “On Google Chrome” for a more detailed evaluation and opinion.

A million miles from the “strategic move” that is Chrome, Google also announced Mail Googles.  Had it been April 1st I’d have thought it a joke, but think about it a little deeper, and it’s really not a bad idea!..  We’ve had many a domain order, placed at 3am (you know who you are!) from customers returning from the pub…  Many of which are on the phone next day trying to ask for their money back…  “Can I get a refund for ScottyKingofBeer.com please?  I don’t really remember ordering it…  Maybe we’ll follow Google and introduce something similar…  then again….

3 Responses to “A busy few weeks for Google”

  1. Andrew Cairns

    Google have indeed been busy!

    As Chrome is extremely light-weight, the possibilities for Google to expand on their online applications is endless.
    The plans Google have for their applications are unachievable with most main-stream browsers, but with Chrome’s ability to run JavaScript at a fraction of the time usually taken by IE or Firefox, this may be one of the deciding factors if a browser war was to emerge.

    It’s slightly buggy if you run dual monitors at different resolutions – but it’s a great addition to the browser market!

  2. Scott

    I take exception! Never once have I asked for a refund on a late night domain purchase – to the best of my recollection. A few haven’t been renewed right enough…

    I also noticed scottykingofbeer.com is still available. Let’s see what happens tonight!

  3. Gary

    Scott…. did I mention any names?.. What makes you think you were the inspiration behind my example drunken purchase? You?.. Seriously?…