Getting your ecommerce shop ready for Christmas

ecommerce website for ChristmasFor many ecommerce shops, Christmas is the busiest time of year. Keen to avoid the crowds, more people are shopping online than ever before, and nearly half (40%) of all Christmas shopping was done online last year.

To make sure valuable sales aren’t missed, advance planning is vital for online retailers. Here’s how to get your website content ready for the Christmas rush…

Optimise the user experience

First things first, make sure the process of purchasing in your shop is super smooth to reduce the number of bounces and abandoned carts. Frazzled Christmas shoppers won’t have the patience to deal with annoying bugs, so run through the purchase process and eliminate any potential friction points and frustrations before your customers find them.

Don’t forget to check the purchase process on mobile, too. Shoppers are increasingly turning to mobiles and tablets for their holiday shopping, so a responsive site and a good mobile shopping experience is a must to avoid missing out on potential sales.

Plan your marketing activity and special offers in advance

Once those Christmas orders start rolling in, there will be no time to plan out promotions or write email newsletters, so work out what you’re doing now, and get content assets ready in advance.

Decide on offers

Decide in advance what offers you will run during the Christmas period, so you can plan out promotional campaigns using your social media channels and email marketing.

  • Will you take part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
  • Will you run post-Christmas sales, and when will they start?
  • Will you offer upgraded delivery as the last delivery date approaches?
  • Will you offer e-gift cards to shoppers who miss the last delivery date?

Plan campaigns

What special activity will you run during the Christmas period? Some ideas to consider:

  • Christmas greetings
  • Competitions
  • Advent calendars
  • Gift guides

Create content assets

Create content in advance so it’s ready to go. Don’t forget:

  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Social media content across all your channels.
  • Advertising banners for use on your site and others.
  • PPC advertising copy for the Christmas period.

Plan out of office social media coverage

Social media never stops. People could talk about your business 24/7, 365 days a year, so make sure there’s someone responsible for monitoring your channels over the Christmas break. Plan procedures in advance in case of a social media crisis situation.

Update your content for Christmas

Potential purchasers will be super-conscious of delivery times and return policies over the Christmas period, so ensure all your purchase information content is easy to find and clear. Be sure to advertise prominent last shipping dates to your site to avoid potential customers leaving it too late.

Get ready for next year

Yes, really. Now is a great time to start planning your content marketing and SEO efforts for maximum impact next Christmas. It’s also a good time to start the process of redeveloping your website to be more user-friendly or responsive. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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