Find your social media tone of voice

social media contentWith most businesses using social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy, it’s important that you know how to establish and maintain an authentic social media tone of voice. Every time your business posts, responds and engages with its audience on social media you’re using your brand voice.

This blog presents some steps to help you find and maintain your social media tone of voice, and the reasons why you should do so!

How to establish your social media tone of voice

Social media is an arena in which authenticity reigns. This means that your social media tone of voice needs to sound human! To help achieve this, you need to understand your business’ personality and reflect it consistently in all of your social media activity and interactions.

To help define your brand personality, try these simple exercises:

1) Imagine your business was a celebrity. Who might it be? Think of a couple of options and examine why you have chosen them. What characteristics do they share with your business?

2) Next, come up with a list of around ten adjectives that best reflect your business. Is your company adventurous, creative, quirky, innovative or conservative, for example?

Select your top adjectives and flesh them out further so they become the main attributes you want to get across in your social media tone of voice.

Consider your business’ values here too, and what makes you different. Think about how you can help your audience and solve their problems or make their lives a little easier.

Once you have a clear idea of how you want your business to sound, you need to think about how you can maintain your social media tone of voice across your social channels.

How to maintain your social media tone of voice

It’s important that you put measures in place to preserve your social media tone of voice. Here are some useful pointers:

Create and share social media tone of voice guidelines

Creating social media tone of voice guidelines means that everyone posting and interacting on your channels should be clear on how you want your business to sound. Include examples of dos and don’ts, and make sure your guidelines are kept up-to-date. This will give your business a much better chance of achieving a consistent tone of voice.

Avoid industry jargon

This will force you to communicate like a human being! Make sure that the language you use is simple and could be understood by anyone outside of your business.

Generally speaking, a professional but friendly social media tone of voice is what you should be aiming for. Humour can work well and help you achieve this, as this example from Taco Bell shows:


Write from the reader’s viewpoint

Always keep their needs, interests and frustrations at the heart of your content! Think of your readers as individuals, with lives and not just as “traffic” or “followers”.

Engage with your audience

Using social monitoring and social listening tools will make your social media channels seem less like a business broadcasting platform and more like a forum for interacting directly with your customers.

To sum up…

Creating a unique social media tone of voice will make it easier for your business to produce regular and consistent social media content. It will also help you build brand awareness and relate to your audience, which will ultimately lead to better results for your business!


If you need help with your social media strategy, sign up to our next online masterclass. For more about tone of voice and brand personality, see Chapter 12 of the new Embrace the Space book!

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