Fall in love with digital marketing all over again with these Valentine’s Day social media ideas

Social media icon heart representing valentines day on social mediaWith everyone feeling the love this time of year, some extra-special Valentine’s Day social media ideas can help win your customers’ hearts (and boost your bottom line).

Having a calendar of relevant events is vital for any effective social media strategy, and rarely more so than in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. So, why not try out a few of these ideas and see how far they get you?

Valentine’s Day social media ideas to win your customers’ hearts

Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day social media ideas:

1) Create relevant content

With your customers gazing longingly at their secret crush or significant other, you need to create and promote content that captures their attention and reflects their lovey-dovey mood.

For instance, you could create a Valentine’s card for your customers spelling out just how much they mean to you, then share it across your social media feeds.

Alternatively, you might produce a series of gift guides oriented at specific groups – promoting your products in the process.

Lastly, don’t forget those singletons! They tend to have their own wry take on this time of year and are sure to appreciate a little extra love.

2) Adapt your tone, language, themes and hashtags

It’s not just about the types of content you produce, though. You need to adapt this content to ensure it sounds and looks the part, too.

Use a soft, fluffy and optimistic tone to reflect the feelings your customers have at this time of year – focusing on unity, sharing and romance. Or, subvert the genre and go in completely the opposite direction.

Consider the images you use to accompany your content on social media, and whether there’s any scope for you to temporarily adapt your themes. Think roses, hearts, flowers, teddy bears and the like.

Then, make sure your content is spread as far and wide as possible by leveraging a selection of Valentine’s-related hashtags (check to see what others are using, or create your own).

3) Promote bespoke offers/discounts

Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you go at this time of year, it can be a seriously expensive time. So, your loved-up customers are sure to appreciate finding some discounts on your social media feeds.

Two-for-one offers are (obviously) ridiculously popular around Valentine’s Day, especially on things like food, wine and other consumables. Alternatively, you could provide customers with a time-limited offer in the run-up to the big day, or discount the price of products likely to be purchased as gifts.

4) Encourage customers to share their love stories about your brand

With so much love in the air, now’s a good time to reach out on social media and ask your customers to share a love story about your brand.

An incentive (e.g. voucher or offer) could help sweeten the deal and encourage your customers to open up.

Be careful! This is one of those riskier ventures that could also generate negative comments. So, decide whether this approach is right for your customer base and monitor your feeds for negative comments throughout.

By putting a selection of these Valentine’s Day social media ideas in place, you’re certain to melt your customers’ hearts.

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