Facebook Ticker to feature paid-for updates

The social media site, that needs no introduction, Facebook, is set to monetise its controversial Ticker feature.

The scrolling news feed, which updates users on their friends’ activities in real time, is about to feature “sponsored stories” – namely, posts that a company can pay for.

The Ticker was one of a number of new features brought to the site in September, many of which proved at least initially unpopular with the Facebook user community. Critics of the Ticker said that it was trying too hard to emulate Twitter’s functionality, and that its constant updating of users’ every move gave too much detail in a manner which was too distracting.

However, Facebook must be feeling confident about Ticker’s future to have made the decision to open it up to advertisers.

Bosses at the social media giant have told various news websites that changes are on the way.

One spokesman told CNN: “We recently made some changes to Facebook that help surface more engaging content, whether paid or organic, to people using Facebook.”

“With these changes, people may see a varying number of ads or Sponsored Stories alongside organic content. In testing, we’ve found this leads to more engagement with for both paid and organic content.” Yet again social networking is put to use for subtle marketing.

Meanwhile, marketing news website ClickZ said that Facebook ads would start to appear in the Ticker from this week.

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