Facebook most popular site amongst SMEs

Facebook is the most popular social media site amongst SMEs wanting to promote themselves online.

According to a new survey of 500 SMEs, more than a quarter of SMEs use the site on a regular basis as part of their marketing campaigns.
YouGov’s SME Omnibus survey shows that LinkedIn, the professional social media website, and microblogging site Twitter, are also popular with the UK’s SMEs. Exactly a quarter (25%) of respondents use LinkedIn for promotional purposes, while just less than that (21%) use Twitter.

YouTube fared less well, with only 10% of those surveyed using it to help them promote their goods or services.

Somewhat alarmingly, more than half of respondents said that they never use social media to promote their company. Furthermore, the usage of social media seems to be split geographically. Just under 40% of businesses in the east of England never use social media, compared with a huge 64% of businesses in the north.

Meanwhile, blogging also seems to be a source of confusion. Although 80% of respondents said that they thought blogging was successful in terms of achieving publicity, only 10% of businesses use a blog to help them generate PR.

Just under 70% of SMEs who use social media say that they do so to promote their products and services, whilst 57% do so to promote their brand. Meanwhile, 21% of SMEs use social media to share discounts and promotional offers with their customers.