Facebook expansion plans could be good news for SMEs

SMEs are set to benefit from even more benefits from Facebook as the social media giant has just announced plans for expansion.

Last week, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, announced the remarkable new expansion plans from the website’s New York office.

Sandberg said that Facebook would increase its operations, adding a slew of new engineers to make current features even better and to write code to create new features.

The website currently has more than 800 million users – a figure that could increase as the website itself expands.
In order to facilitate the expansion, Facebook will open an engineering centre in New York City early next year. It will be the first such office for Facebook outside of the West Coast.

Sandberg told journalists at a press conference: “We’ll be adding thousands of employees in the next year.”

The social media behemoth currently employs more than 3000 people in California and 100 in New York.

Recruitment for the New York office has already begun, with Michael Bloomberg, the major of New York City, telling reporters: “They’re accepting applications if any of you need a job.”

The website already offers a wealth of benefits to SME internet marketing through fan pages, targeted ad campaigns and other brand awareness initiatives. It is expected that the new engineers who join Facebook will work to create newer offerings for marketers to help them reach even more clients and consumers.

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