Every day should be Social Media Day

social media daySo tomorrow is Social Media Day in case you didn’t know..  A global initiative according to Mashable which exists to help all of us around the planet be more connected.

While I understand much of the value in these big one-day initiatives..  Shouldn’t every day be Social Media Day?  Should we really be promoting the use of Social Media in isolation…  something separate that we talk about and raise awareness of just once a year?  Are we having a “read your email” day next week?  Or what about a “use the telephone” global conference the week after?

It wasn’t that long ago that many companies had a “custodian of the email” – someone in the organisation that did the email.  All email in or out was filtered through that person.  Sounds unthinkable now that every member of staff, across every division isn’t give access to email to communicate.  Why then do so many businesses still treat Social Media the same..  given to one person (often the wrong person!) or department.

I’m all for shouting about the value of social media, and for helping as many people and businesses see the full potential of it, helping achieve whatever objectives they have (that’s what we do!), but this isn’t a one-day thing..  a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas, and for Social Media to truly work for organisations it needs to be seen as just a new version of the telephone or email.  It’s just an evolution of how people want to talk.

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