Enabling customer contact via your ecommerce site

Customer operatorWith a website in place, your business is ready to operate 24x7x365, selling goods and services to customers across the world. But what happens when they run into problems or need to return something?

As part of the distance trading regulations, your business is already required to publish your registered trading address somewhere on your website. It also makes good sense to put your business telephone on your site along with explicit details of your trading hours so people know when they can expect their calls to be answered.

However, electronic shoppers often prefer electronic methods to get in touch, particularly if they live in another time zone. You should try and make it as easy as possible for customers to get in contact by using as many channels as you can manage. As well as a ‘helpline’ type email address and contact form, you could offer:

Social media contacts

Connect with customers and resolve their problems using your company Facebook page or Twitter feed. Be warned however – social media users will expect a response from your brand in no more than a few hours.

Customer forums

Your business could also try and create its own customer community built around a forum. Forums allow your customers to discuss their purchases and raise issues with your team directly. By creating the right culture, you can also encourage loyal customers to try and resolve issues for other users, helping to reduce your own support workload.

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